Teengirl Fantasy – Lung ft. Lafawndah

October 26, 2014

I’m late to the party again with this one but am just swooning over the mother of pearl colour palette in this video as the tones morph between hyper colour green, something lush and a steely, cool grey and back again; much like the flicker of the iridescence coming of an oyster shell being tilted in the sunlight. It also helps that Lafawndah is a total babe, her vocals dreamily sweeping over the steady undertow Teengirl Fantasy lay down before she opens right up at the chorus. This video covers some good pretty bases; interesting colours and visual effects at that channel vibes reminiscent of the early 90s rave scene. Yes, plz.


The Giving Tree

October 17, 2014

This book broke my heart as a kid. I distinctly remember the feeling it evoked as I had it read to me as a child at school so when I came across it again as I was browsing through Ariel one night, I knew I’d want to give it to my folks some day. Until recently, I had been holding on to it for ages, waiting for the right occasion. It had been wrapped in the same paper and ribbon that I brought it home in and had been kept in the same shopping bag as it continued to be packed and moved with the rest of my things each of the three times I’ve moved house.

It wasn’t until the day I left for my trip that I handed it over to my mum, explaining that it wasn’t anything special but just a small token of my understanding and appreciation of everything her and dad have done for my brother and I. If you haven’t read it, do. But be ready for the feelz and have a packet of tissues at the ready )’: )’: )’: