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Postcard from: Berlin

December 25, 2012

Ha-lo from Berlin! (14 October – 16 October 2012)

Clockwise from left: A night out at Katerholzig, Eastside Gallery, Tacheles Sculpture Garden, Eastside Gallery

 A night out to the Mitte clubs was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of this trip! I suppose it’s everything you’ve heard – underground with an industrial and grimy feel. There are beers in hand on the way to the train station… then on the platform… and the train… and on the way to the club from the station. Then once you get there, there are guys with eskies peddling more liquor to keep you hydrated while you line up to get in – handy when you rock up at 11pm to discover that nothing in Berlin opens ’til midnight (as was the case when we tried to get into Berghain).

Then there are the surly door bitches who administer totally random door policies, something I soon discover Berlin is widely known for. I thought we’d be sweet given I was one of 10 girls in what you could safely deem a cockfest but no – we were swiftly turned away by the bouncer with no explanation whatsoever! All part of the experience, I think. But it was OK because we eventually made our way to Katerholzig and were admitted entry (thank fuck!) … but only after I put my sternest German accent on to answer “JA!” when the bouncer questioned if it was just my friend and I, haha. I will never know if this is what actually what did the trick, but I sure felt relieved and damned proud of myself once we made it in!

Worth the butt-clenching moment because Katerholzig isn’t like any club I’ve been to before – a big warehouse decked out and converted into what I can only describe as a grimy warehouse wonderland. It was pretty cool with a few different rooms, each housing different music. As you know, Germans love their techno but I was relieved to find that they had a room to cater for less hardcore electro fans, where I discovered the wonder that is Col.Decker who played an awesome 4-hour live set. The drummer was an absolute machine! She played consistently throughout the whole thing! I haven’t been able to find much online by these guys but here’s a snippet which pretty much sums up what our night out was like. It was definitely a throwback to the (very) old days – dancing all night, leaving wreaking of cigarettes and not getting to bed until the sun came up!


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